About Us

While many people use the word ‘Aqsa Sports Brand‘ in association with wrestling or mixed martial arts, it‘s most common use is to describe the act of achieving your goals... to Aqsa Sports Brand a match, a title, a belt or a championship. That is what Aqsa Sports Brand is all about. To help all athletes achieve their goals by providing them with the best training apparel and gear in the world. It’s a belief we hold firmly, take seriously and are committed to with every product we create.

Aqsa Sports Brand began with a mission to create the best training shorts in the world - shorts that could stand up to the incredible demands of high-intensity sports like MMA and wrestling. Based on the overwhelmingly positive reaction we received to our shorts, we decided to expand the line to include tech tops, rash guards, compression shorts and gear. Since then, Fightwear products has become recognized as the brand that designs the best products for athletes who incorporate high-intensity training into their workouts.

Developing the best training gear in the world always starts with input from our roster of world-class athletes... athletes who make high-intensity training a part of their everyday lives. We talk to our professional MMA fighters, Olympic wrestlers, All-American collegiate athletes, professional football players, world-class rugby players and cross fitness athletes for insight into what they need to reach their goals. The result? Product that meets and exceeds the functional demands of the highest level of athlete.

 With Fightwear products, this begins with our proprietary fabrications. CG Cotton, CG Dri and CG Pro are all fabrics designed by Fightwear products to optimize moisture management, temperature regulation and provide unparalleled support while being worn by elite athletes. Fightwear products integrates these unique materials into unique constructions specifically designed to stand up to the most intense training sessions. After all, you don‘t give out in your workouts, so why should your gear?

Additional Aqsa Sports Brand product innovations include the Double-Grip closure system featured in the brand‘s revolutionary training shorts. Designed with the high-intensity training in mind, the Double Grip closure system provides the ultimate secure and comfortable fit, eliminating the hassle of drawstrings, and maintaining the most streamlined profile in the industry. Many Aqsa Sports Brand shorts also feature a 360 Degree Flex Zone which allows for complete freedom of movement from the waist throughout the leg as the athlete bends, flexes and moves during their workout.Aqsa Sports Brand shorts stay in place, where you want them, so you can completely focus on maximizing your workout.

Athletes across all disciplines have discovered the benefits of using high intensity training as their fitness foundation – whether they’re professional athletes, adventure racers, military combatants, firefighters, police officers, or even weekend warriors. These athletes have also discovered that there is one brand creating products to help them Aqsa Sports Brand their goals…and that brand is Aqsa Sports Brand.

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